One company, four
areas of expertise
SEENEOH gathers four shareholders with complementary areas of expertise.
Énergie de la lune

Engineering company in the field of Marine Renexable Energies and Oceanograpic survey

  • Test Site Management
  • Scientific exploitation
  • Light vessels operation
  • Management of oceanographic instrumentation

Marine and Rivers engineering works

  • Engineering of floating platforms for turbine support
  • Anchoring system design
  • Marine operations for installaton / retrieval
Seml Route des lasers

Supports companies in the innovative sectors of Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in their project development

  • Finance and administration
  • Test site construction operator
  • President of SEENEOH SAS since 2015.

Renewable energy utility company, maintenance operator through its 100%-owned subsidiary Valemo.

  • Security and Safety supervision
  • Electrical interfacing
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Communication and data

Our Team

Executive Committee
Vincent Laroque
President de SEENEOH SAS Financial & Administrative Director
SEML Route des lasers
Marc Lafosse
CEO Energie de la Lune
Thierry Lausseur
Matthieu Blandin
MRE Business Unit Manager Valorem
Operational Team
Marlène Kiersnowski
Test Site Manager Project Development Manager
Energie de la Lune
Dr Léa Guiastrennec
Current expert Oceanographer and R&D manager, Energie de la Lune
Hélène Laumière
Electrical and Communication Operations Technical engineer, Valemo
Alain Torres
Draughtsman and Designer Draughtsman and Designer, CERENIS
Virginie Gries
Acounting manager Acountant, SEML Route des lasers
Valemo Operating Centre
Operation and supervision of equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week