Test site
Testing of river or marine tidal turbines on an intermediate scale

A 7-hectare site, fully permitted, accessible by boat within 10 minutes

The site is located in the Garonne, downstream from the Pierre de Pierre bridge in Bordeaux.100 kilometres away from the mouth of the Gironde estuary, it is exposed to major currents influenced by the diurnal tidal cycle of the Bay of Biscay and by the flow of freshwater rivers from the Garonne and Pyrenees catchment area.

  • Distance from the bank: 250 m
  • Distance from home port: 2 km
  • Distance from the ocean: 100 km
  • Distance from logistics and port infrastructures:
    5 km

Ideal characteristics for testing prototypes of river or marine tidal turbines

between 4 et 14.5m CM depending on location

Tidal range
up to 5.8m


Type of seabed
mud, compact marl, riprap

River flow
between 50 m³/s and 8 000m³/s

Maximum turbidity
5 gr/L on the surface, 10 gr/L at the bottom

Bidirectional current
semi-diurnal tide (12H25)

Maximum speed
between 2.6 and 3.5 m/s depending on location

between 0 and 4 PSU

presence of numerous floating trees/debris

less than 2m/s 85% of the time

mini: 0 to 0.6m max: 0.6 < H < 1m

Several anchoring solutions available

A large floating platform 28x12m with a 10x6m moon pool.

Adaptable floating boxes anchored on moorings.

A 30m fixed-pile Ø 1200mm.

A site connected to the power grid

  • 12 optic fibres – real-time environmental monitoring and data acquisition
  • Grid connected, 3 cables of 100 kW, 690 VAC,
  • Onshore substation
  • Dedicated area for the user (6m3)


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