DesignPro Renewables
Tidal turbine DPR 25 tested in Bordeaux from 2018 to 2020.

DPR 25

Unit power:
25 kW

Dimension :
6m x 2,5m

1,8 t

Type of support:
barge flottante

lignes d’amarrage

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Vincent Mc Cormack

Innovation Manager, Design Pro Renewables

“The conditions at the SEENEOH test site are typical of what you would expect in a river or in an estuary. The practical experience of the team and their knowledge of the Garonne River have provided our team with excellent support and a beneficial increase in our skills.”


Posted on 17/05/2023

Created by a decree published in the Official

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Posted on 22/06/2021

  Le 5ème rapport de l’Observatoire des énergies

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Posted on 5/02/2021

Feb 5, 2021 DesignPro Renewables concludes unique hydrokinetic

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